Dental emergencies

Man with toothacheA broken tooth or a dental infection can be quite agonizing. We understand that there are certain occasions where you will need our help ASAP. We will do our best to fit you into our schedule and will focus on the problem that you are experiencing at the moment. Please keep in mind that an X-ray may be needed to come up with a proper diagnosis so we know how to proceed.

Once we have treated your symptoms, we recommend that you get a full comprehensive exam in order to properly see the “whole picture” and come up with the best treatment plan for you.


If you’ve reached our office after hours, below are a few tips to help with the pain until we can see you the next morning:

  • Take any over the counter pain medication you would normally take for headaches.
  • Sleep in a raised position, with 3-4 pillows under you head.
  • Try using ice to cool down the area. It might make it feel better temporarily.
  • Do not use heat, as it will make the pain worse.

What to do if you have a…

Call your dentist immediately. Clean the area by rinsing with warm salt water. Take acetaminophen for pain/fever.
Clean area with moist cloth or running water. If bleeding apply pressure with clean gauze or cloth. If bleeding doesn’t stop within 15 minutes, take patient to the hospital or to the dentist to assess for sutures.
If the appliance can be removed, take it out and call your dentist (orthodontist). Cover sharp ends with gauze, gum or wax and take the patient to the dentist immediately.
Rinse area with warm water to remove debris. Place cold compress over area. Find fragments and take the patient to the dentist immediately.
Try to stabilize the jaws, keep them from moving, splint with a towel, neck tie or handkerchief. Take the patient to hospital immediately.
Locate the tooth. Handle it by the crown. Rinse obvious debris off tooth, but don’t clean it. (use saliva if possible, do not use water). Insert the tooth in socket immediately. If can’t be inserted then carry in a cup of milk. See dentist immediately. *Must be seen within the first hour*.